Yanga Chief’s girlfriend, ‘Tanya Ntungwa’ unmasks their relationship

Yanga Chief and girlfriend Tanya Ntungwa

Yanga Chief’s girlfriend ‘Tanya Ntungwa’ has finally unmasked her relationship with the rapper.

For so long the Utatakho rapper has been hiding his relationship with this beautiful yellow bone girl from fans and the public in general.

At some point we even thought that the guy does not like dating life and that he is only focusing on his music career, but we were wrong because Yanga Chief has been dating this girl for quite sometime now.

Even though the pair is deeply in love and planning their future lives together, Yanga Chief has always been against revealing his girlfriend or even letting the public know that he is dating someone.

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But Tanya felt like she has had enough of being kept secret and decided to lift the lid on her relationship with Yanga.

She has basically claimed him from the streets in fear that he might be taken away from her by other girls, so she took to Instagram where she announced that Yanga Chief is off the market.

Yanga Chief on girlfriend Tanya Ntungwa Instagram Stories
Yanga Chief’s girlfriend Tanya Ntungwa is tired of being kept a secret
Yanga Chief on girlfriend Tanya Ntungwa Instagram
Yanga Chief on girlfriend Tanya Ntungwa’s Insta Stories

Below is what she wrote;

Guys this is my boyfriend, I’m claiming him from the streets, he insists on keeping me VERY private, it’s concerning, if ukhona umtu that thinks/believes otherwise, text me, it’s on SIGHT!!!!!. I’m tired of being treated like a side.

I thought he was trying to keep our relationship private and safe, “a fair chance” but everytime I ask him about why he acts single he makes it seem like I’m desperate to be on him gram.

He’d rather break up then let people know that he’s in a relationship with someone (even insisted that I don’t want people to know it’s me, just that you not single) just want him to stop pretending I don’t exist when we planning our whole live together.

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Check out a few pictures of Tanya Ntungwa below;

Yanga Chief girlfriend Tanya Ntungwa
Yanga Chief girlfriend Tanya Ntungwa Instagram

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Tanya concluded by stating that she loves Yanga Chief and that she is not going anywhere.

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