AKA forced to apologise to Sizwe Dhlomo and his family in order to escape a lawsuit

AKA forced to apologise to Sizwe Dhlomo and his family to escape a lawsuit

Motormouth rapper AKA has been forced by lawyers to publicly apologise to businessman Sizwe Dhlomo, the entire Dhlomo family and all other comrades involved in the South African liberation struggle.

This comes after AKA took to Twitter a few days ago and made reckless and very stupid allegations that Sizwe Dhlomo’s late grandfather, Isaac Dhlomo, was a snitch / spy and an informant of the apartheid government and therefore that is how he acquired all the land and farms owned by the Dhlomo family.

Well to briefly explain to you what exactly AKA meant, during apartheid regime, black people were not allowed to own land let alone large farms.

Therefore the easiest way a black person could own a large piece of land and a farm was to work for the apartheid government as a spy or informant.

So while AKA or rather Mr. chatterbox was still having fun with his fans on Twitter, making jokes about Sizwe Dhlomo and his family, minister of Sport, Arts & Culture, Nathi Mthethwa threw in the first warning to AKA as he tweeted this;

Minister Nathi Mthethwa tweets a warning to AKA during his beef with Sizwe Dhlomo
Minister Nathi Mthethwa tweeted this with the intention of warning AKA to back off from disrespecting the Dhlomo family but the rapper didn’t digest the message.

But we all know AKA is limited, especially in terms of I.Q or rather he is not the smartest person around and as expected, he didn’t get the warning so he kept on making jokes and insulting the Dhlomo family as his Twitter followers kept on hyping him as usual.

Sizwe Dhlomo then threw in the the second warning;

Sizwe Dhlomo warns AKA during their Twitter beef
Kiernan still did not get this warning either.

And in his last tweet about the whole issue, Sizwe Dhlomo promised to end it all as he tweeted this;

Sizwe Dhlomo and AKA Twitter beef

What then followed is that the ill-mannered rapper and father of one was given two options, one was to publicly apologise to Sizwe Dhlomo, his entire family and all the other comrades who were involved in the liberation struggle, and the other option was obviously to face a multi-million lawsuit.

But as we all know, AKA currently has financial issues so he just could not go up against a wealthy family in the courts of law especially when it is very clear that he was definitely going to be on the losing side, so in the end he was advised by his legal team to apologise.

In addition to the lawsuit, the ANC had also threatened to cut off AKA from any of their future gigs so they sent out Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula to warn AKA and ask him to apologise publicly.

AKA took to Twitter were he made a public apology that read;

I would like to apologize not to just the entire Dhlomo family but also the friends and comrades offended by my tweets last week. After educating myself properly about the sacrifices made by Sizwe’s grandfather and others close to him, I realize how reckless and stupid that was.

The 32-year-old ill-mannered rapper then issued another public statement in which he confirmed that both he and Sizwe Dhlomo have buried the hatchet.

Myself & @SizweDhlomo have ironed out all our issues and from here on out … we straight. We realized we go too far back for things to be this way. Doesn’t mean we won’t disagree from time to time but that’s how it’s gonna be.

Check out Kiernan’s tweets below;

Meanwhile, rapper Riky Rick who has proved to be AKA’s little puppet has also been forced to apologise to Sizwe Dhlomo for the comments he made about him during his Instagram live chat with rapper Da L.E.S.

Riky Rick felt the need to defend his friend AKA, so he made sure he directed a few jabs to Sizwe Dhlomo as he weighed in on the Twitter beef between Kiernan and Sizwe, but what Rikhado Makhado didn’t know was that this would later land him in trouble.

The Sidlukotini rapper made his apology through a recorded video that was then shared online.

It is not yet clear whether Riky Rick was also being taken to court, but it is clear that Sizwe Dhlomo was prepared to pull a few strings with companies and brands that work with Riky Rick.

This is something that would obviously have affected Makhado’s income.

Watch Riky Rick’s apology below;

During his apology, Riky Rick looked like a man who was really scared for his life.

Well we hope AKA will learn from this and think twice before tweeting rubbish on Twitter as this is not the first time he has done this, a few months ago he took to Twitter where he insulted and cursed out Cassper Nyovest’s parents and entire family as his fans cheered and applauded him for the job well done.

Therefore ladies and gentlemen, Sizwe Dhlomo and his family are not to be messed with especially when you are making false allegations against them.


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