Here is why A-Reece doesn’t answer his phone, especially calls from fellow rappers

why A-Reece doesn't answer his phone, especially calls from fellow rappers

A-Reece doesn’t answer his phone and almost everyone in the South African hip hop industry and entire entertainment industry is aware of this, so we have tried to explain the reasons as to why he does this.

To begin with, these rappers just want clout from A-Reece because if he was not doing the numbers that he’s doing now, nobody would care about him.

These rappers would not care about what he’s doing, they keep on saying that he’s not answering their phone calls but if he wasn’t doing good numbers and he didn’t have a big fan base, they would definitely not be calling him.

A-Reece is one of the best rappers in South Africa, one of the best lyricists in the country and his pen game is clearly unmatched.

A lot of people forget that A-Reece came out in 2014 and he was on the rise, he was supposed to be the next big thing but all these rappers who are now complaining about him didn’t even bother to lend him a hand.

They didn’t put him on, they basically ignored him and then by 2015 people said that he had fallen off, but he joined fraudulent record label Ambitiouz Entertainment in the same year.

In 2016 he released his debut album ‘Paradise‘ and things seemed to be going on well before he had financial disputes with the label.

He was one of the big artists on the label, but Ambitiouz Entertainment was cheating him and taking his money, and when he expressed his concerns, they dropped him from the label.

They deleted all his songs from YouTube and even deleted his Facebook page.

He then became an independent artist in 2017, a lot of people looked down on A-Reece and turned their backs on him.

So what you have to understand is that when people complain that A-Reece does not respond to their phone calls, it is because he does not want to entertain fake friendships.

This is because he realised that it’s not very beneficial to try and play the nice guy in the South African hip hop industry, because people will use you and then drop you like a fly and move on.

So now people are talking about A-Reece saying that he is arrogant, even Cassper Nyovest said that he reached out to the home boy but he didn’t respond.

Well you have to remember that Cassper Nyovest blocked A-Reece on Twitter, so why would he do that and then a couple of months later reach out to A-Reece and say he wants to do a song with him.

Why would A-Reece even have to respond, I mean you looked down on the kid and blocked him on Twitter, but now you want a feature, come on now.

A-Reece then formed ‘The Wrecking Crew‘ together with B3nchmarQ, Flvme, MashBeatz, Ecco, Ex Global, Tyga Bankz, Mellow, Wordz and 1000 Degreez, later on Krish and IMP Tha Don were also added to the group.

Then in 2019, Flvme, Ecco and Mellow did what they did, turned their backs on A-Reece and exited The Wrecking Crew, once again A-Reece being screwed up by people he trusted.

So when people say that A-Reece is arrogant, they have to first remember that this is someone who has been betrayed and screwed up so many times already, so who is he going to trust now when most of the people that were close to him have betrayed him for money or clout.

Lets talk about Flvme and what he did. To begin with, A-Reece didn’t even have to co-sign Flvme.

When A-Reece left Ambitiouz Entertainment, he already had a huge loyal fan base and respect within the South African hip hop industry, he did not have to put Flvme next to him.

In fact if it wasn’t for A-Reece, Flvme would not be where he is now if we are being honest, many people wouldn’t know who Flvme is today, including you that is reading this article.

And one thing about A-Reece is that he has never been afraid or mean to give his platform to other people, he has helped out other people especially with features, but then most of them have always turned against him.

So why would he not be paranoid when everybody wants clout?

Why would A-Reece answer people’s phone calls when he is doing well, but knowing for a fact that when he falls off, these same people will not call him anyway?

We can all relate to A-Reece’s situation, when you are down and things are not progressing well, nobody is there to help you, but the moment you are up and doing well, all of a sudden everyone is interested in you.

A-Reece has always made sure that he uplifts his friends by giving them his platform, he even mentions this on his song ‘Just Another Song‘ from his album titled ‘From Me To You & Only You‘.

On the song A-Reece raps;

Kept my word when I said I’m putting on all my niggas, if we fight we reconcile that’s just how family is.

He put on others rappers like Flvme, Wordz and MashBeatz, so in otherwards he carried the entire Wrecking Crew on his own and then people want to say that he is arrogant.

Hip Hop is such a dirty game and when you don’t want to play the game anymore, that is when you say you know what, I don’t trust any of you people, so that is what happened with A-Reece.

Now everybody says A-Reece is arrogant, A-Reece has a chip on his shoulder.

Nasty C doesn’t associate with A-Reece, neither does Kwesta, Cassper Nyovest, Flvme, Emtee, even A-Reece’s own older brother Jay Jody doesn’t associate with him that much and apparently they haven’t spoken in months.

This is why A-Reece is one of the most disliked rappers in South Africa, because people have really done him bad so much that he doesn’t know who to trust anymore, the boy doesn’t know who to believe anymore.

If A-Reece wasn’t doing the numbers that he is doing now, absolutely no one would care about him, that is just the fact.

But because he has a huge and loyal fan base, all these industry people are all on his case.

Do you actually think if A-Reece wasn’t doing well, people would still say that he is arrogant, cocky and does not pick their phone calls?

The answer is no because it would not be that A-Reece doesn’t pick anyone’s calls, but rather it would be that nobody would actually be calling him because he doesn’t have clout (influence or power).

So rappers should stop saying that A-Reece is cocky, he is not, he just doesn’t trust them because they are dirty and clout chasers.

Cassper Nyovest wanted a feature from A-Reece because he was chasing clout, that is it.

A-Reece and Cassper Nyovest make totally different songs, so why would he want a feature if he wasn’t looking for clout?

Nasty C invited A-Reece to his show because he wanted to put him under his wing, the same way he did with Shane Eagle, but A-Reece said no.

So for now baby boy just wants to be left alone..

Please hit us up in the comments section below if you have any opinion about this whole issue of A-Reece not answering his phone.


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