Nasty C reveals his new stage name

Nasty C reveals his new stage name

Nasty C has revealed his new stage name after being slapped with a lawsuit by FreeWorld Records the label that he was initially signed to at the beginning of his rap career.

Well to explain to you how all this came about, Nasty C parted ways with FreeWorld Records back in 2016 and then signed with Johannesburg-based record label Mabala Noise Entertainment.

But according to FreeWorld Records, the rap superstar was not completely released from his contract at the time.

This means that even though Nasty C joined Mabala Noise Entertainment, he still had a legally running contract with his previous label.

And towards the end of 2019, both Nasty C and Mabala Noise Entertainment were hit with a R4.5 million lawsuit by FreeWorld Records for breach of contract.

The Pretoria-based record company claimed that the 23-year-old emcee was given the stage name ‘Nasty C’ by them, and therefore he must stop using it because apparently, he doesn’t own the rights to it since he is not their artist anymore.

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The ‘Hell Naw’ star was left unimpressed with his previous record label’s move, but at that time he did not say much about the entire issue.

He however aimed a few jabs at FreeWorld Records on Twitter as he tweeted;

Nasty C's response to FreeWorld Records R4.5 million Lawsuit
Nasty C response to FreeWorld Records R4.5 million Lawsuit

Therefore putting all the above into consideration, the ‘Strings and Bling’ rapper has now come out to reveal that he might be changing his stage name to “Ivyson”.

This was during a recent short online interview with Netflix before the premiere of mystery series, ‘Blood And Water’ in which Nasty C stars as ‘Zero’.

The Zulu man with some power made the revelation after he was asked;

If you had to change your stage name , what would it be?

To which he replied;

It would be Ivyson

So tell us, people, will you like this new stage name? please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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