Ambitiouz Entertainment is accused of copying A-Reece’s “The 5 Year Plan” visuals

A-Reece The 5 Year Plan

Ambitiouz Entertainment is being accused of copying A-Reece’s “The 5 Year Plan” music video.

In the official music video that was uploaded to A-Reece’s official YouTube channel, the 24-year-old features fellow rapper Wordz.

A-Reece’s elder brother Jay Jody also makes an appearance in the music video while his longtime girlfriend, Rickelle Jones was the ‘Styling Assistant’ during the music video shoot that took place in May of this year.

In an interesting theory, it seems A-Reece’s fans are accusing one of South Africa’s most successful record labels, Ambitiouz Entertainment of copying A-Reece’s “The 5 Year Plan” visuals.

This comes after Ambitiouz Entertainment released the “Chillisi” music video by DJ Miss Pru featuring Blaq Diamond and Malome Vector on it’s YouTube channel yesterday (Friday 13 August 2021).

When you watch the “Chillisi” music video, it does start and looks just like A-Reece’s music video that was released way back on Friday 28 May 2021.

The only notable difference is that A-Reece’s music video was shot in black and white whereas Miss Pru’s music video was shot in colour.

It kind of feels like the way Miss Pru’s music video begins and the whole theme is way too similar to A-Reece’s “The 5 Year Plan” visuals, but you also have to acknowledge that a lot of artists have done that way before A-Reece.

An example is Lil Wayne’s music video for “Got Money” in which he features T-Pain, this music video was released on YouTube on Monday 14 December 2009 and you can watch it below.

So in this context, is Ambitiouz really copying A-Reece or are they recreating a scene that is very popular and just happens to also have been done by A-Reece before?

Because lets be honest here, it is not like this idea came from A-Reece, he also got it from somewhere else and well if I have to give my own personal opinion, I would say that I think what Ambitiouz Entertainment did was just intentional.

Watch the music video of “Chillisi” by DJ Miss Pru featuring Blaq Diamond and Malome Vector below;

Judging from the way in which A-Reece described the owner of Ambitiouz Entertainment, during his “Behind The Story” interview on BET Africa with Pearl Thusi.

It seems like Ambitiouz Entertainment’s owner just likes controversy because I still remember A-Reece saying that the beef between him and Nasty C was started by this same guy, the owner of Ambitiouz.

However, I would not rule it out that Ambitiouz intentionally copied A-Reece’s “The 5 Year Plan” visuals just to get the people talking because they know that the more people talk, the more the song will trend.

Well my analysis of this whole issue might be right or wrong, you guys should share with me what you think by leaving your thoughts in the comment section below.

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