Joey Fatts has trouble with some A-Reece fans

American rapper Joey Fatts has complained about some of A-Reece’s fans and labeled them difficult.

Joey Fatts has trouble with some A-Reece fans

It seems like Joey Fatts is finding it very difficult to please some of A-Reece’s fans, this comes after Twitter @ReeceSlime_ who is also a staunch fan of A-Reece tagged Joey on Twitter saying;

@JoeyFatts stop leaking. We don’t do all of that this side..

Joey responded by tweeting;

Better enjoy it cause that’s all you getting until next year when the tape drop.

Joey Fatts has trouble with some A-Reece fans

Joey continued with;

$limes are the most difficult. You bother me about a tape everyday so I give you a leak. Then you hate me for it… can never please you lol. See you next year family.

Joey Fatts has trouble with some A-Reece fans

Well obviously A-Reece has not been dropping music and so a lot of his fans think that his collaborative mixtape with Joey Fatts, which was scheduled to be released sometime this year is going to drop only next year.

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And in the meantime obviously, the Long Beach, California native has been doing Instagram lives and actually leaking some of the songs on the mixtape.

Maybe not really leaking them, but playing some of the songs on the yet to be released mixtape in his Instagram live videos, and so it seems like some of A-Reece’s fans are not happy about it.

Well Joey Fatts seems to be in a very difficult position because with the way things are, some fans seem to enjoy the leaking while others don’t, but when it comes to A-Reece’s fans, all this is to be expected.

Being an A-Reece fan myself, I have to admit that A-Reece’s fanbase is very problematic sometimes.

Either way, you guys tell us what you think about this issue by just dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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