Blxckie and 808 Sallie quarrel with police officers

Rapper Blxckie and his producer, 808 Sallie quarrelled with police officers after they thought the pair were criminals.

Blxckie arrested for wearing a balaclava

Blxckie and 808 Sallie recently got in trouble with the police after the police thought Blxckie was a criminal because he was wearing a balaclava in the back seat of a car.

A team of police officers stopped a car for a regular traffic stop after they spotted one of the occupants (rapper Blxckie) wearing a balaclava, what then ensued was a quarrel between the officers and the occupants of the car.

808 Sallie made it a point to record the entire incident on his phone as evidence just in case anything bad happened.

In the video clip, Blxckie’s producer is heard asking one of the police officers for his badge number, the officer replied with “I don’t have a badge number, what is a badge number?”

“Did somebody tell you about a badge number here in South Africa? this is not England, do you understand?” the police officer further said.

808 Sallie kept asking the police officers why they were harassing them even after following all their orders.

Another police officer then intervened and replied to 808 Sallie’s request for his colleague’s badge number with; ” You watch too much TV, this is not a movie”.

Things then got heated up with Blxckie’s producer telling one of the police officers; “You look more like a criminal than me”.

And well honestly guys, from an objective point of view, after watching the view clip of the altercation that was recorded by Blxckie’s producer, I kind of feel like the police were bona fide in this issue.

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If you are a police officer, and you come across a person wearing a balaclava in the back seat of a car, the first thing that comes to your mind is that this person might be a criminal.

And obviously, the manner in which you attend to the situation will be cognizant to the fact that you might possibly face some danger.

rapper Blxckie wearing a balaclava
Blxckie is fond of wearing a balaclava.

So you are not going to go there being like, hello guys and all that, you’re obviously going to be very serious while also taking precautionary emergency.

Therefore I don’t get why Blxckie’s producer, 808 Sallie, was so mad about the whole situation.

Perhaps the police officers thought Blxckie was a criminal, and so the manner in which they approached the car was obviously in line with what they thought.

They thought they were actually going to be dealing with criminals and not just a couple of guys in the hip hop industry.

Don’t get this wrong, from a statutory point of view, it is not really a crime to wear a balaclava in South Africa, but let us also appreciate the police officers for doing their job.

Because it’s not like Blxckie and his crew were just chilling, minding their own business and doing nothing, and then the police officers just approached them and tried to attack them.

Blxckie whose real name is ‘Sihle Sithole’ was wearing a balaclava in a car, obviously, a normal person or a normal police officer rather would think that Blxckie is a criminal and I personally think that the officers were just doing their job and that 808 Sallie should not have been so mad at the whole situation.

In fact, 808 Sallie needs to relax, he was actually acting like the police should know who Blxckie is.

Either way, you guys tell us what you think about this whole story by posting your thoughts in the comments section below.

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