Nadia Nakai quits Family Tree Records

Nadia Nakai quits Family Tree Records

Nadia Nakai is no longer signed to Family Tree records, a label owned by fellow rapper Cassper Nyovest.

The “Money Back” rapper announced her exit from Family Tree during an interview with Slikour this week.

Nadia was signed to Family Tree way back in February of 2016 and went on to achieve great success with the label, making a name for herself as one of South Africa’s best selling female rappers.

During her stint with Family Tree, Nadia released two music projects, an EP titled “Bragga” which was released on Thursday 15 September 2016, and her debut album, “Nadia Naked” which was released on Friday 28 June 2019.

During her recent interview, Nadia was asked by Slikour whether she’s still with Family Tree given that she hasn’t been involved with or talked about the label, Nakai replied with;

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“No, I’m not still with the Tree, I’m working on my own record label at the moment,” she said.

“It was very tricky because when I had a conversation with Cassper, I was so scared to like talk to him, like listen, I need to do my own thing and whatever,” Nadia further stated.

Nadia also revealed that Cassper initially ended the phone call suddenly and unexpectedly.

“In the beginning I could feel like he was sad and I think he hang up on me to be honest and then later on he thought it out and he sent me a message and he was like, ok cool what do you need me to do?” Nadia explained.

She further explained to Slikour that Cassper Nyovest advised her on what to do and then gave her some record label name ideas although she didn’t fancy them.

“He advised me that I should sign my record label individually, which is good advise because initially I was going to go direct like that, and now I have to think of a name but we are still good but I think just like artist trajectory, I have to do my own thing and stand on my own two feet.”

“He (Cassper) says I should call it Nakai Entertainment but I don’t want my name in the name of my record label, that’s just cliche and I don’t want to call it Bragga records but he feels like my name should be in the name of my record label, so I’m not sure,” Nadia said.

Nadia also revealed that she and her former label CEO haven’t seen each other in a long time.

“We haven’t seen each other in a while, and after I did the Braai Show we didn’t speak for like eight months so I got used to not talking to him much,” Nadia stated.

The Naaa Meaan rapper also spoke about meeting Cassper’s son Khotso for the first time;

“I met Khotso (Cassper Nyovest’s son) who’s the cutest baby I’ve ever met, he’s the sweetest and friendliest but he looks just like Refiloe, he is the cutest kid, they are so blessed, I can’t wait to have kids, I want a kid like that,” Nakai said.

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Slikour also quizzed Nadia about whether she’s going to sign artists on her new record label, she replied with;

“Not yet but I do want to be able to eventually get there because I want to get to a point when I have kids and not actively perform but still work on an artist and actively build their brand or whatever the case, so it will be something I want to do in the next two years but I’m very excited for it.”

Slikour also wanted Nadia to explain whether she and Cassper don’t have any kind of beef, she explained that with the below reply;

“I know him too well and I also think relationships between a man and a woman will always work better because we are not dealing on an ego aspect and I can let him be himself, I’m not trying to compete with him and be like, I’m the biggest boss, I can handle myself, so our relationship will always work.”

“Cassper has never been to my new crib but I’ll still go to his crib all the time if I need something, I’m not going to be like f**k Cassper, he hasn’t been to my house so I’m not going to go to his house, no, I just think that I know how to humble myself in certain situations and it has worked for me” Nadia said.

Slikour also asked Nadia to speak about being on the Braai show and in the proximity of the people that have always been anti-Cassper.

“It was a decision I made for myself because I felt like I wanted to expand myself, I think people just felt like I automatically inherit things that Cassper is going through and I get affected by it as well.”

“Even though he’s like brother and I’ll always support him and have his back, I felt like I needed to open up my self a little bit more because I need to be able to be seen as somebody that is platonic. He’s my n*gga and you cannot ever disrespect him in front of me, even in the interview (Braai show) you can see that AKA is not spicy, he knows that he can’t go there with me, he can’t disrespect Cassper in front of me and it’s not going to work.”

“No matter what situation that I’m in, I’ll always hold Cassper in the highest regard and respect because he has been very instrumental in my career and life, no matter who I’m in front of,” Nadia finally stated.

Nadia Nakai’s exit from Family Tree records leaves just three artists on the label’s roster, Cassper Nyovest, Carpo and Alie Keyz.

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