Nota says Lucasraps’ Bloc13 deal will end in tears

Nota says Lucasraps Bloc13 deal end in tears

Nota Baloyi is of the view that the deal upcoming artist, Lucasraps signed with the new record label, Bloc13 Entertainment will surely end in tears.

Now for those of you who don’t know yet, earlier this year Lucasraps signed a deal and joined a newly launched South African record label, Bloc13 Entertainment.

This label is owned by Zimbabwean-born entrepreneur, Edward Munyaradzi who is also known as King Tre Li.

Bloc13 has a few other artists on its roster after signing some young talent from Zimbabwe too, the label also recently opened up offices in Los Angeles, United States of America.

In June of this year, it was reported that Lucasraps had purchased a R14 million house located in the Waterfall Country Estate, Midrand.

Later on, his manager King Tre Li revealed the truth about this house, he said that Lucasraps is just renting the house for R6,000 a month and had signed a 2-year lease agreement with the real owner of the house.

The manager further stated that Lucasraps is 20 years old now and that he can properly afford to pay this house’s rent and that he also has the first option to purchase it after the two years elapse.

Below are photos of the house Lucasraps is renting;

Lucasraps house
Lucasraps house
Lucasraps house

So basically Lucasraps is kind of living a life that he might not actually be able to pay for by himself, ranging from the name-brand clothes he wears, the cars he drives and the house he is living in given the fact that he doesn’t make that much money from his music.

All the above-stated things are being paid for by his label, Bloc13 Entertainment and that is why Nota Baloyi has come out to warn the young Durban native.

Those Bloc13 guys are like the new Mabala Noise Entertainment, Lucasraps bro, let me tell you, something bro, that is not your money and you’re going to pay for everything that these guys are investing in you, and it’s not going to work, it’s going to end in tears. Stop the flossing with other people’s money and focus on making music, Nota said.

When they did the Dr. Peppa song ‘What It Is’ that has got the piano feel, he should have kept on that low drum type sounding thing and continued with that. He should have learned from that and said okay, maybe this sound could work, you know trap and Yanos mixed together, whatever, but at east it had a local flavour and sound to it,” Nota further said.

Nota was of the view that Lucasraps should at least consider rapping in vernacular in some of his verses as a way of getting people to resonate more with him.

Lucasraps, it is not about flossing, it is not about lying to us whether you bought a R14 million house or all these things, Nota added.

Nota also said that some of these young upcoming rappers like Lucasraps are being misled.

I can see that Bloc13 is also like a marketing agency, they are doing their business, I can’t hate on them but to Lucasraps who I heard about through Junior Lavie who was telling me, you know there is this other kid whose dope. You know Junior Lavie also introduced me to Nasty C and then after that I asked him if he specialised in teenage hip hop proteges from Durban, Nota added.

Nota was of the view that what Lucasraps is doing now does not push his music career to the next level, and that he is actually just wasting his precious time that he will never get it back.

Nota went ahead and advised Lucasraps to reconsider all the recent career decisions that he has made, after which he made a reference to another Durban native, Blxckie who has blown up right past Lucasraps within a space of just one year.

Nota made these remarks on his podcast, “Everybody Hates Nota” whose episodes are uploaded onto the ‘Mzansi A-listers’ YouTube channel.

Whether what Nota Baloyi said is true or not, lets wait and see how Lucasraps’ music career turns out, but as for now all we can do is to wish him success.

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