Stogie T disses Cassper Nyovest in new song “Mama Say…”

Stogie T disses Cassper Nyovest on new song “Mama Say...”

It seems like Stogie T has once again dissed Cassper Nyovest, this time on his latest single “Mama Say…”.

Well, it’s not news that Stogie T and Cassper Nyovest are not friends, but this doesn’t mean that they are beefing.

However, Stogie T whose real name is Tumi Molekane has a history of aiming subliminal shots at the Gusheshe rapper.

So about a week and a half ago, Stogie T announced that he had joined Def Jam Recordings Africa and to celebrate this new journey, he released a new single titled “Mama Say…”.

This song has been a topic of conversation for a couple of days now ever since it was released, this is mainly because Stogie T dissed Nota on the song. In one of the verses, Stogie T says;

I was ready to put a dental plate, on freckle face.

We all do know that the freckle guy is Nota, this comes after Stogie T and Nota had a fallout a few weeks back which resulted in the former falling on the ground and his shirt getting tone.

But it turns out that Nota might not be the only one that caught a few lines from the 40-year-old emcee, the song also has some other lines that go like;

Niggas discombobulated, switchin’ waves for the latest audience rating.

I can’t hate, you selling dates when I sell grapes.

Too many bad apples, my family tree cellmates

A lot of fans think that the above three lines were definitely directed to Cassper Nyovest because he switched genres and started making amapiano music from hip hop.

The Doc Shebeleza rapper also owns a record label called Family Tree, these are the two things that Stogie clearly mentioned in the lyrics above.

The “By Any Means” rapper didn’t directly refer to Cassper Nyovest, but the fans are sure he was shading Don Billiato.

Listen to “Mama Say…” below;

Anyway, you guys share with us what you think, do you think Stogie T was actually dissing Cassper Nyovest or these lines were directed at someone else?

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