Blxckie and Lucasraps have unfollowed each other on Instagram, are they beefing?

Blxckie and Lucasraps recently unfollowed each other on photo and video sharing social networking service, Instagram. Now the question in so many people’s minds is are these young rappers beefing?

Blxckie and Lucasraps
Blxckie and Lucasraps pictured in 2020.

Well, Blxckie and Lucasraps were once known as the upcoming hip hop duo to watch, with some people saying that they were about to shake the South African hip hop scene.

They released a few songs together which were well received by the public up to this point since the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown way back in 2020 when Lucasraps gave Blxckie a co-sign.

Even though Lucasraps was not the biggest artist in the country, he had worked with the likes of DJ Maphorisa, Riky Rick and had a sizeable fan base and at one time, both Blxckie and Lucasraps were both under the same management, M4 Entertainment.

Literally less than a year later, Lucasraps is under Bloc13 Entertainment while Blxckie remained at M4 Entertainment.

They have actually both released music projects in 2021, of which even though granted, Blxckie released first, he currently holds the title for the most streamed South African hip hop project released in 2021, beating all the other projects from the likes of Emtee and A-Reece, even though some of them were mixtapes and not albums.

The surprising thing is that both Blxckie and Lucasraps are not on each other’s albums, except for just one song they did together, “Big Time Sh’lappa” which is on the former’s album and it was actually released in 2020 way before Blxckie even thought of making an album.

All this is coming in a time when a feature from Blxckie is considered a cheat code, basically even artists we didn’t know about or those we had forgotten about have been brought back by Blxckie’s features.

In the past few months, Blxckie has been everywhere, this guy has been on almost every South African podcast on YouTube, even those that have very little or no followers (viewers) but just not on Lucasraps’ album.

It is of public knowledge now that these two lads even unfollowed each other on Instagram with Blxckie doing it first, so is this the beginning of a new beef?

To be honest, a lot of people have been shedding light on a possible Blxckie and Lucasraps beef for a very long time.

This is because they were no longer being seen on each other’s Lives on Instagram or we can talk about how Blxckie was nowhere to be seen at Lucasraps’ house warming party, or how Blxckie’s album had no new Lucasraps feature, or how they are literally not seen at the same events anymore or when Blxckie had to choose as to who should go between Lucasraps and Nasty C on MacG’s podcast, Blxckie confidently chose Lucasraps as the one who should go.

The rumours of Blxckie and Lucasraps not being friends anymore initially made no sense to me especially because I had watched their live video on Instagram in which they both addressed these beef rumours, so things between them have always seemed to be fine.

However, these two recently unfollowed each other on Instagram and this is something that has given fans the impression that there is something going on between Blxckie and Lucasraps, and this time around I also believe something is wrong between the former friends.

We do know that both these guys come from Durban but from the little research I have done, it seems like they are actually not day ones (longtime friends).

What we know so far indicates that the ties they had were strong because they were under the same management, and when they got different managers, things might have turned south.

Some fans seem to think that it has to do with jealousy because, to be honest, when you are a rapper, you sort of want to be the ultimate dude and when you are in a circle, it is very difficult to have two kings at the same time who all want to be the next Nasty C.

As a matter of fact, Lucasraps met Nasty C before Blxckie did, but even after that, Blxckie got a Nasty C feature way before Lucasraps.

In fact, Blxckie actually has two songs with Nasty C, who Lucasraps had access to way before Blxckie.

Meanwhile, Nasty C usually uses Lucasraps as an influencer, I don’t know if you guys still remember that during the COVID-19 lockdown, Lucasraps was on Nasty C’s Zulu Man With Some Power merchandise campaign.

Blxckie is now a big artist given that his album has out-streamed all South African hip hop music projects that have been released in 2021 so far, ranging from albums, EPs and mixtapes.

Blxckie also has a song that can out-stream Lucasraps’ entire album which has actually not been well received, so it seems like everyone has just chosen Blxckie over Lucasraps, starting from the fans most of which were initially Lucasraps’ fans, these days majority of them actually bump Blxckie’s music way more.

Even AKA complemented both Blxckie and Lucasraps in a tweet but then he was seen in studio with Blxckie and never Lucasraps.

With all the being said, it is still all speculations and rumours but what is certain is that less than a year ago, Lucasraps co-signed a new artist, Blxckie who is currently the most sought after in the South African hip hop sphere.

Lucasraps on the other side has a very interesting personal profile as compared to his music, he has a very good PR agency behind him, which even got him to Def Jam.

His agency further got him an Instagram promotion gig for rapper DaBaby’s merchandise.

Lucasraps is also living in a R14 million house and he drives a Mercedes-Benz, but does he need a Blxckie cosign with regards to his music right now.

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