DJ Dimplez has Died

DJ Dimplez whose real name is Tumi Mooi, a South African hip hop disco jockey has died today on Sunday 6 March 2022.

DJ Dimplez whose real name is Tumi Mooi has Died.

Multiple sources including DJ Dimplez’s close friend told that the now late entertainer passed away today on Sunday.

Last night (Saturday 5 March 2022), DJ Dimplez was at a gig at Moagi Wings in Vosloo where he performed and just after he played his set, he started crying and no one was allowed to be close to him.

It is believed that he had a stroke, brain aneurysm to be exact and he didn’t make it.

DJ Dimplez is an eight-time South African hip-hop awards winner.

His family is expected to issue an official statement very soon.

Rest in peace our brother.

This is still a developing story..

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