AKA gives a fan money to purchase a new phone

AKA gives a fan money to purchase a new phone

AKA has yet again added another good deed to the many that he has already done over the years after he gave one of his fans money to purchase a brand new phone.

First of all, AKA’s hit single ‘Jika’ on which he featured fellow rapper and friend, Yanga Chief was nominated for the 26th Annual South African Music Awards in two categories namely, record of the year and music video of the year.

So on Wednesday, July 22, 2020, Twitter user Bantu Bhungane from Durban who is also a fan of AKA shared a video clip of his phone’s screenshot on his timeline showing how he had voted the ‘Touch My Blood’ rapper using different phone numbers (SIM cards).

Bhungane also encouraged other fans to vote for AKA as he captioned the video clip with;

Lets Vote Vote Vote Vote Megacy @akaworldwide anything for you my brother brother.

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Then a few hours later when AKA watched Bantu Bhungane’s video clip, he noticed that the phone used in the fan’s video clip was really old as its screen even had a few cracks on it.

It is at this moment that AKA decided to give Bantu Bhungane some money so that he can purchase himself a new and better mobile phone.

AKA replied to Bantu Bhungane’s video clip saying;

Your phone has seen better days. Dm your bank details there broer.

AKA gives a fan money to purchase a new phone

The ’10 Fingers’ rapper actually sent this fan a large sum of money, to be exact R100,000 to buy just a phone.

And later on in the day, the fan confirmed receiving the money as he showed his appreciation by thanking AKA through a tweet that read:

@akaworldwide thanks brother I received R100 000 thanks brother. To Megacy and our leader @RubuThulisa I love you all times sis…. @ScelonG @koki @Antonio_The1st etc from Megacy team I love you guy.South Africa lets support Mega by Voting, he blessed us since 1901

Bantu Bhungane has since purchased the phone and used some of the remaining balance to further vote for AKA.

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