The Big Hash is suing his former Record label

The Big Hash is suing former Record label, innanetwav

The Big Hash has announced that he is suing his former record label, innanetwav.

The “Amnesia” rapper was signed to innanetwav for a period of four years but departed from them in January of this year amid misunderstandings and unpaid royalties.

The Big Hash then released a statement announcing that he had decided to become a solo artist.

On Tuesday 12 January 2021, The Big Hash released the following statement which he published on Instagram;

The Big Hash leaves record label, innanetwav

In the statement above, the rapper promised his fans that at a later date, he will open up more on why he decided to leave innanetwav.

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Then on Wednesday 4 August 2021, he finally released a detailed statement on his website explaining the exact reasons that forced him to leave his former record label, and that he is also taking legal action against them.

And now today on Thursday 12 August 2021, the 21-year-old rapper took to Instagram where he posted a short video clip explaining why he decided to drag innanetwav to court.

In the Instagram video clip, The Big Hash says that he had to mentally prepare himself for this and that a lot of people have been asking him for a long time why he has not been releasing new music.

Fans have been asking him why he promised them a music project and then went ghost on them, his fans also wanted to know why he took down ‘Peace Of Mind’ from all music platforms.

The young rapper revealed that he is taking legal action against his former record label, innanetwav because they basically lied to him, manipulated him and stole from him.

He explained that the statement released on his website has absolutely nothing to do with the artists that are signed to innanetwav, but it has everything to do with the people who own and run the record label.

The “Pretend” rapper also made it clear that he has not received his royalties from his former record label, and so he decided to take legal action against innanetwav.

He in fact wants to see this thing sorted out as soon as possible because it is just not good for him, especially because this whole situation literally crippled him.

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As a result of everything that he went through during his last months with innanetwav and the current legal situation, The Big Hash felt like he owed the people who support him and who had a lot riding on him and put all their eggs in one basket with him.

And with him being in that basket, he felt like he owed those people an explanation.

Despite everything that he has been through in recent months, The Big Hash appreciates everybody who’s still having things crossed for him to come through and drop new music and get his life back on track.

He will soon be dropping some new music with his next single, ‘Heavy Is The Crown’ being on all streaming platforms soon.

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