A-Reece drops new song, “tufF lucK” responding to Priddy Ugly

A-Reece releases new song “tufF lucK” responding to Priddy Ugly

A-Reece has dropped a brand new song with his elder brother Jay Jody, responding to Priddy Ugly who dissed him recently.

As most of you guys might know by now, A-Reece released a song yesterday on SoundCloud titled “tufF lucK” and ever since then a lot of fans have been speculating that it was a response to Priddy Ugly.

I had to listen to the song a couple of times after which I also agreed that it was a response to Priddy Ugly, in the song A-Reece has a line that goes like;

Somebody had to put you in your place, try somebody else don’t put your stress on me. Everybody else put respect on me and if you’re down bad, brother, tough luck.”

A-Reece then continues by saying;

He throwing dirt up on my name cause he washed up.

In another line, the Pretoria West native raps;

You preaching to the choir without a congregation, it’s not a verse, it’s an affidavit.

So this last line has a lot to do with a previous article that we published talking about how Priddy Ugly dissed Cassper Nyovest, A-Reece and Shane Eagle on his song titled “Handful Of Dust” (Read about it here).

In that article, we explained that the main reason Priddy Ugly was shading the above-mentioned rappers, was because he was about to drop an album and at the moment nobody is actually interested in listening to his music, he is not trending and nothing is happening in terms of streams.

From my perspective, I think that Priddy Ugly actually threw shade at those guys just to up the sales of his latest album.

In A-Reece’s response, he is sort of saying the same in the following lines;

He throwing dirt up on my name because he washed up.

Well, Priddy Ugly’s album name is “Soil”, so I think when A-Reece spoke about throwing dirt on his name, he was actually making a reference to the album name.

You preaching to the choir without a congregation.

Well, I think in this line A-Reece is trying to say that the only people that like and listen to Priddy Ugly’s music are his family and friends, basically implying that Priddy has no fans.

And if you guys still remember, on Thursday 25 March 2021, Priddy Ugly’s wife, Bontle Modiselle took to Twitter and defended him through a series of tweets saying;

I know most of you people don’t like my husband but you can’t claim he doesn’t rap well.

Below are some of Bontle Modiselle’s tweets defending Priddy Ugly;

Bontle Modiselle defending Husband, Priddy Ugly

But some fans on Twitter did not agree with Bontle Modiselle’s statements, check out some of their tweets below;

Bontle Modiselle defending Husband, Priddy Ugly

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So we will wait and see whether Priddy Ugly will respond to A-Reece soon.

Listen to A-Reece’s latest song below in which he responds to Priddy Ugly;

Otherwise with that being said, kindly let us know what you think about A-Reece’s response to Priddy Ugly by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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