DJ Speedsta is unhappy with Cassper Nyovest’s new ‘Braai Show’

DJ Speedsta shades Cassper Nyovest Braai Show

DJ Speedsta is not happy with Cassper Nyovest’s new show titled ‘The Braai Show With Cassper Nyovest’.

Well yesterday, Monday 9 August 2021, Cassper Nyovest announced that he had taken over the Braai show on SABC 1 that was originally hosted by his fellow rapper and rival, AKA.

The announcement of Cassper Nyovest’s new show came at time when his arch-rival, Kiernan Forbes is still recovering from the death of his fiancee, 22-year-old Anele Nellie Tembe who passed away in April of this year after allegedly jumping from the 10th floor of the five-star Pepperclub Hotel in central Cape Town.

As a result, AKA who was the original host, co-creator and co-executive producer of the original Braai Show on SABC 1, has been out of the limelight for a couple months.

But during the entire period, viewers constantly asked the national broadcaster for a second season of the show.

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So as a result, Cassper Nyovest was approached by Cake Media, the production company that produced ‘The Braai Show with AKA’ and also owns 50% of the show, they offered him a deal which he happily accepted.

So yesterday after Mufasa announced that he had taken over the show, all his fans and other celebrities congratulated him on getting a new gig, however AKA’s fans and some celebrities who don’t like Cassper Nyovest for whatever reasons were not happy.

One of the celebrities who clearly wasn’t happy about Cassper’s new show is DJ Speedsta, he waited for the “I Hope You Bought It” rapper to sign out of Twitter and then made a series of tweets in the wee hours.

The Metro FM Dj first tweeted:

I’m sorry I need to let something off my chest. Take it as you want. Cassper Nyovest is weak!!! No soul, no nothing. Tag him if you want, Let him know Lesego thinks zero of him, & Lesego know him long time. You’re weak Refiloe!!!

DJ Speedsta then followed with;

And to you people that always talk nonsense behind a screen. Year after year, Cassper is always in some “News”. Always the victim. Always putting out good energy & doesn’t understand why people “hate he’s success”. I’m personally done with he’s nonsense. Know the man for years. Many years that is. He has no soul, will die for showbiz, That’s why he will do whatever just to be on “top”. In my opinion – You are the weakest SA Hip Hop as ever seen!!! And you’re supposed to be a role model!! Shame on you. Have a heart!!!

Speedsta then concluded with;

Long story cut short. Leave the Cassper nonsense. I live a pure & genuine life with morals & integrity, That’s just how I was brought up. Also always been a very outspoken Person, So take whatever I say how you want. I unfortunately don’t give damn.

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In the morning when Cassper had woken up, he saw DJ Speedsta’s tweets and wasn’t happy with them. He then replied to him with;

This is so disappointing for me cause you used to pick me up in your A3 when I had nothing. Today I have made something of myself & you turned sour cause I outshined those you thought deserved it more than me. I keep saying, if you have something to say to me meet me in the ring.

As expected, majority of Cassper Nyovest’s fans were also not happy with DJ Speedsta’s tweets, with some wondering why a grown up man would be tweeting about another man in the wee hours yet he had an entire day to make his feelings known if he wasn’t happy with Don Billiato’s new Braai show.

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