Is A-Reece engaged to his girlfriend Rickelle Jones?

A-Reece engaged to girlfriend Rickelle Jones

It seems like A-Reece might now be engaged to his girlfriend Rickelle Jones.

So basically A-Reece posted a photo of his girlfriend Rickelle on Instagram and captioned it with; you can look but you can’t touch.

When you clearly look at Rickelle’s photo that the “Hibachi” rapper posted and then zoom in, you can see that she has a ring on her finger, and as well there is a comment by actress and seasoned comedian, Nina Hastie saying that; My sister in law.

Below is a screenshot A-Reece’s post;

A-Reece engaged to girlfriend Rickelle Jones
A-Reece posted this photo to his Instagram account.

So because of all the above, A-Reece’s fans have been insinuating that the 24-year-old rapper and his longtime girlfriend are now engaged and might ready for marriage.

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Well for the first time in a long time, A-Reece’s fans’ theory is not really that far fetched because Rickelle Jones is wearing a ring in the photo and I do think that maybe it is possible that the two lovebirds got engaged.

A-Reece and girlfriend Rickelle Jones
A-Reece and girlfriend, Rickelle Jones.

But again when we went through Rickelle’s recent Instagram photos that she posted presumably on the same date that A-Reece posted the alleged engagement photo because she was actually wearing the same outfit, you could see that she had two rings on her fingers and not one.

This gives another theory that maybe what A-Reece’s girlfriend was wearing isn’t really an engagement ring but just any ring that so many other people out there wear, because we see a lot of women wearing rings, even some men feel like wearing rings for no reason.

So you guys can tell us what you think about it, do you think that is an engagement ring or are you saying no, that looks like one of those rings that women wear just to style themselves?

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