Yanga Chief celebrated by his girlfriend, Tanya Ntungwa (Photos)

Yanga Chief was recently celebrated by his girlfriend Tanya Ntungwa.

Yanga Chief and Tanya Ntungwa

The public has known the 34-year-old rapper and his young entrepreneur girlfriend to be dating since last year when she unmasked their relationship.

Tanya was forced to publicly come out as Yanga Chief’s girlfriend because she was tired of being kept a secret by the “Ntoni Na” rapper.

Tanya stated that Yanga didn’t want anything to do with posting her on his social media platforms, even when they were deeply in love and planning their lives together.

But that’s not all, the Mthatha born rapper was also not okay with his girlfriend posting him on her social media pages either.

However, these days things seem to have changed a little bit between the two lovebirds as Yanga Chief finally gave in and allowed his girlfriend to post him on her social media platforms, mainly Instagram

With over 12,000 followers on Instagram, Tanya Ntungwa disabled comments on her page where she occasionally posts a few photos of her boyfriend.

Just yesterday, she posted a photo of herself and Yanga Chief wearing matching outfits, she then went ahead and captioned the photo with lyrics from Kabza De Small and Ami Faku’s latest song, “Asibe Happy”.

Tanya posted the below photo and captioned it with; Asibe happy munt wami.

Yanga Chief and girlfriend, Tanya Ntungwa

In fact, we have decided to share with you some more photos of this lovely couple, check them out below;

Yanga Chief and girlfriend, Tanya Ntungwa
Yanga Chief and girlfriend, Tanya Ntungwa

Aren’t they lovely together? Well, share your opinion with us by making use of the comment section below.

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  1. Latoscha says:

    They make a cute couple…she’s gorgeous! 😍!

    I enjoy stories like this, may I please have your Twitter handle?