Major League Djz diss Nasty C?

Major League DJz shade Nasty C

Some fans believe that the Major League DJz were dissing Nasty C when they actually complimented Blxckie in one of their Facebook posts.

In a very funny situation here, it seems like a Facebook post by the Major League DJz didn’t land well with some of Nasty C’s fans. This came after they posted that:

Blxckie is the best and if you have a problem with it, go argue with your toes.

Major League DJz diss Nasty C
This’s the Facebook post by Major League DJz.

Then an Instagram page by the name of SA Hip Hop Reloaded, proceeded and posted a screenshot of the Major League DJz’s Facebook post.

From the get-go, the first comment was saying, it’s low-key a diss.

But we didn’t really get what was going on, so we just kept scrolling to find out more comments about what people thought, and a lot of people kept mentioning Nasty C.

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It seemed like one of the reasons why fans kept mentioning that the Major League DJz Facebook post was a shade towards Nasty C is because there is a video as well as pictures in which the “Strings and Bling” rapper shared his big lucky toe.

Below is a photo of Nasty C’s big lucky toe;

Nasty C's big lucky toe
Nasty C’s big lucky toe.

It seems Nasty C’s toes are not well organised and so fans actually believe that was a shade towards the “Hell Naw” rapper who’s regarded as the best in South Africa.

So Nasty C’s fans believe the Major League Djz are saying, “Nasty C, you are not the best, if you want to argue, go do it with your toes”.

It took us a very while to go through all of those comments and actually figure out what was going on, please don’t get us wrong because we are not saying that Major League DJz were actually dissing Nasty C, we’re just saying that, this is what the fans thought.

Maybe you guys can tell us, do you think that Facebook post by the Major League DJz praising Blxckie was actually directed to Nasty C?

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