“A-Town Kings” EP by Jovislash and DJ Phatpro

“A-Town Kings” EP is a music project by South African comedic rapper and media personality, Jovislash and South African DJ and record producer, DJ Phatpro.

'A-Town Kings' EP by Jovislash and DJ Phatpro
A-Town Kings EP covert art.

A-Town Kings EP Details:

Released:February 21, 2017
Genre:Hip Hop/Rap
No. of Songs:6
Length:24 minutes
Label:Thumaka Music
Producer:DJ Phatpro

Track Listing

1.Ska Retlwaela3:31
3.Nawe (Tonight)3:29
4.God’s Design4:06
5.Whatchu Want (featuring DJ Sabby)3:40

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